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Nette Menschen beim gemeinsamen Frühstück. Ein schön gedecker Frühstückstisch. Eine fröhliche junge Frau beim Essen. Ein Käseteller mit herrlichen Früchten. Nette Menschen beim gemeinsamen Frühstück.

Frühstückstreff is a network of friends, young people and the young at heart, who meet for breakfast on Sundays in many cities throughout Europe. We are a non-political, non-profit, non-religious, non-membership group organizing free informal gatherings for intelligent, educated, and gentle women and men from around the world. This website is our international edition, designed to extend the Frühstückstreff idea to you and your friends, no matter where you live. If there isn’t a Frühstückstreff in your area, start one now and we’ll assist you with it.

Frühstückstreff was founded in July 2001 in Darmstadt, Germany. The idea has caught on since, and there are over 50 participating cities now. If you’ve read about Frühstückstreff in newspapers and magazines, if you’ve seen us on TV or heard an interview with one of us on the radio, you already know how easy and how much fun it is to meet people and make friends at a Frühstückstreff gathering.

Some of our friends are taking the Frühstückstreff idea abroad now, either on vacation or when they accept career opportunities in other countries. You will find their regular event locations on this website, and you are welcome to attend any of the Frühstückstreff gatherings listed here. If you’re interested in starting an additional Frühstückstreff, one of us will assist you in planning and promoting events in your area. We show you how it works and we will help you find participants for upcoming Frühstückstreff events.

We look forward to hearing from you

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Frühstückstreff — an idea whose time has come